The Miss Black Rock City Project

Taking beauty out of the hands of corporate America!

Wednesday, 4pm
Black Rock Boutique in Center Camp

Represent your city, your camp, your art, your tent, or just yourself!

Participants (open to all shes, zes, and hes) will reveal their unique inner beauty in 2 categories:
1) The One Minute (no)Talent Competition: No rules, everyone has a talent - be it a stupid party trick or a fine art!
2) Interview: Do they do it for world peace, the children, or for the puppies?

All participants are beautiful and everyone wins by participating. Please come with a sash and a tiara, and a gift to donate to the Beauty Queen's Gift Box, which will be shared among participants. Hosted by StacycatS, the original self-proclaimed beauty queen, in her first on-playa event since 2006!

NOTE: No beauty pageant is fair, bribing the "judges" and your host is encouraged. Participate for fun, rather than play to win!



Many people think that being a judge is cool, because of all the bribes that the judges receive. But are you *really* up to the task? Show up at the Boutique stage on Wednesday at 4pm SHARP with your talents and your powers of persuasion in full effect... tardiness is an anti-bribe! Be prepared to prove yourself to both StacycatS and the pageant participants. Can you take it like you wanna give it?!

Maybe... if YOU ARE LUCKY... you will be one of five Miss Black Rock City 2010 Judges!


The Miss Black Rock City Project challenges participants, spectators, and the world at large to take a closer look at the individual communities that make up our fair city and the unique beauties that lie therein. Represent your camp, your village, your region, your tent, or just yourself! Show us your inner beauty!

Participation for all events is always open to all women and men of any (or no) sexual preference and/or identity. This is not your mother's beauty pageant. Anyone can enter - and anyone can win. Plastic surgery, an eating disorder, Vaselined teeth and double-sided tape are not required.

Take a look around our site for photos, stories of our past events, our theme song, and other bits of anti-corporate beauty propaganda...

Comments, questions? Visit us at the Miss Black Rock City Facebook Group and the Miss Black Rock City Tribe!

Recent photos can also been seen on the Miss Black Rock City Flickr Photo Group!

The MBRC Project produced events on-playa, around the USA, the UK and Spain since 2004.

WARNING: No beauty pageant is fair. Bribery is accepted. Participate for fun rather than play to win!



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last updated on August 22, 2006